Lord of all creation - I come to You now in the name of this Jesus I have heard about.  I was born into a sinful world and have lived in ignorance and rebellion to Your truth.  Jesus, I accept You as God manifested in the flesh, born as an offering for my sins.  Born to pay the price I am unable to pay - the price required for restored fellowship with my Creator.  Please forgive me and make me a vessel fit for Your use.  I release any bitterness or unforgiveness in my heart and ask You to deal with those situations.  I believe You were born of a virgin, died on the cross, rose from the dead on the third day, ascended into heaven and are now sitting at the right hand of the Father, making intercession for me.

You are now Lord of my life.

Confess Jesus before men and He will confess you before the Father.

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About Us

Paula (Alexander) Rayburn
Founder, President
Paula Rayburn Ministries

About Our Founder

Monday, 19 September 2011 11:38
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Paula comes from a large, close-knit family, all of them supportive and active in her ministry. She has two married sons and numerous grandchildren. While her son James lives in Arizona, Jeff lives locally and is active in the church which Paula also attends.

Paula was raised in a Christian home but did not know really know Jesus until she was thirty-three. Her Christian walk began over 30 years ago when she worked for a man named Bob Sawyer at an insurance company. He knew Jesus as his personal savior and witnessed to her about the Lord.

Paula was becoming a divorced mother raising 2 sons. It was a time in her life when she needed help beyond herself. Bob shared about Jesus and how He would accept her as she was and become the Lord in her life. 2 Cor. 6:2 says "Now is the acceptable time . . . now is the day of salvation". This was her day of decision. She believed and accepted Him as her Lord - this Jesus she had grown up with all around her was now real to her. She was born again. It is not good works or church attendance that will redeem you. We must all be birthed into the family of God.

She had now asked Jesus to come into her life and it began a walk that continues to amaze her. Amazed at what Jesus can do when we submit and are willing to follow Him. Bob mentored her for 20 years until he went to be with Jesus. Bob and his wife Pat were a support system that we would hope for all new believers to have.

But God doesn't leave us where He finds us. He begins the process of "cleaning up" the messes in our lives and teaches us to put His will above our own - because His will is for our best. He actually puts His desires in our hearts. We begin to hunger and thirst after righteousness. So begins the Christian walk and the path towards maturity and holiness.

Bob brought Paula into Romans 8 Ministries which was led by Owen and Irene Cain. It was there she received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and became established in the Word of God. This was a time of intense study in the Word and learning to discern between good and evil. Not just man's opinion of good and evil, but God's. I remember Paula saying she learned deliverance by needing to receive so much of it.

I have watched and learned from my friend over the years. She has become the mentor to me that Bob was to her - and to many others besides me. I have seen the moments when she seems to hesitate in a situation and you just know she is listening for what the Holy Spirit would have her to do or say. And then there are other times when she boldly speaks out something - and again - you know it's the Holy Spirit speaking out past her personal knowledge or understanding. She has given Him rein in her life and He loves to use a submitted vessel.

She operates in all the gifts of the Spirit. Deliverance is promised as the children's bread and she uses discernment to help free people from their bondages and personal demons. It is her desire for the body of Christ to be free as Jesus wants us to be. Free to worship Him in spirit and truth - free from fear and bondage - free from condemnation and doubt - free to live an overcoming life in Christ Jesus.

Paula's credentials include being ordained to minister and counsel the Word of God. She has had extensive training for operating in the five fold ministry of the Holy Spirit. Paula received two years of training with John Paul Jackson of Streams International (for prophecy, dreams and visions). There have been other training sessions and seminars, too numerous to mention. Paula has a Texas State Board License as a Belief Therapist under Therapon Institute (Dr. Nicholas Eno). Her secular training includes 23 years of working for the Texas Work Force. In her capacity there she administered federal government programs for training and employment of people, including guidance counseling.

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