Lord of all creation - I come to You now in the name of this Jesus I have heard about.  I was born into a sinful world and have lived in ignorance and rebellion to Your truth.  Jesus, I accept You as God manifested in the flesh, born as an offering for my sins.  Born to pay the price I am unable to pay - the price required for restored fellowship with my Creator.  Please forgive me and make me a vessel fit for Your use.  I release any bitterness or unforgiveness in my heart and ask You to deal with those situations.  I believe You were born of a virgin, died on the cross, rose from the dead on the third day, ascended into heaven and are now sitting at the right hand of the Father, making intercession for me.

You are now Lord of my life.

Confess Jesus before men and He will confess you before the Father.

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Peach Orchard

House One Contributors

Sunday, 02 October 2011 02:43
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There is no way we can begin to express our deep gratitude for all those who had a part in the construction of the first home. This house was completed entirely without any public or grant money. There were businesses who donated labor, materials and time. Then there were all the individuals who worked so tirelessly and enthusiastically on this project. (Well, may not tirelessly - but they kept coming back.) Even though we know all concerned have a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment, there also awaits a great reward in our Father's kingdom. So many gave so much - but you can't outgive God.


Alexander, Hunter; Alexander, Jeff; Alexander, Justin; Alexander, Sarah; Amos, Chris; Andrews, Ray & Ellen; Bailey, Tommy & Debbie; Balentine, Joe; Bayles, Pam; Bond, Gail; Brookshire’s Grocery; Brown, Cody; Brown, Joseph; Brown, Kayte; Brown, Kim; Brown, Landon; Brown, Will; BSA-Troop 217; Burnett, Caleb; Burnett, Collin; Burnett, Colton; Byther, Riggs; Central Baptist Church, Slidell LA; Chen, Jeff; Churman, Lari; Clark, Bruce; Cowboy Way Church Youth; Daugherty, Harley & Linda; Durington, Tom & Judy; Fields, Ricky; First Baptist Church-Adult One; First United Methodist Church-Men; First United Methodist Church-Youth; Franklin, Wayne; Garrett, Colten; Garrett, Mark; Godley Geezers; Green, Betty; Grubbs, Glenda; Hain, Kimberley; Hall, Les; Hardter, Robert; Herrera, Tina; Hester, Joe; Huffman, Joe; Hutchins, Kevin; Jackson, Scot-Family; Keech, Adam; Keech, Deena; Kirkland, Audrey; Lindsey, Joe; Lindsey, Renee; Littlejohn, Ronnie; London, Terry; Marbut, Lucille; Myres, Colton; Norman, Camiron; Patterson, Kyra; Patty, Daniel; Pierce, Bud; Rayburn, Paula; Rayburne, Byron & Karen; Rayburne, Michael  & Pamela; Red Neck Bible Study; Rowe, Tina & Randy; Runge, Don; Russell, Jim; Shelfton, Ken; Smith, Audre; Smith, John; Sullivan, Chase; Turner, Catherine; Turner, Kayla; Wade, John & Carolyn; Watson, Ansley; Watson, Trena; Woody, Rodney


Allen, James & Bonnie; Alvarado Meadows Nursing Home; Brock, Dale & Mary Ann; Daugherty, Harley & Linda; Daugherty, Matt; Delaney, Reuben; Dunson, G. F.; Durington, Tom & Judy; Ezell, Chuck & Marsha; Franklin & Sons; Fuller, Carol; Grace Mark Church; Grubbs, Glenda; Hall, Marshall & Darlene; Hammond, Don; Higdon, Ray; Hudson, Joe & Nancy;  J. & N. Supply Co., Inc.; Jacobs, Pat; Jennings, Linda; Mangrum, Jerry & Nina; Marion, David & Claudine; Meeks, Raymond & Debra; Morton, J. P. & Louise; New Life Ministries; Park, Gary; Pavlik, Charla; Rayburne, Byron & Karen; Rayburne, Junior & Jessica; Rayburne, Michael & Pam; Roten, Billy Charles & Joyce; Sanchez, David; Swindell, Jimmy & Darlene; United Way; Whetsell, Gary & Kay; Whetsell, Jeff & Cindi; White, Charles & Pat; Wickersham, Emily; Wickersham, Mark & Kelly; Williams, Jerry


Blue, N. J.; Burks, Lonnie; Ezell, Ruth; Jones, Leo; Jones, Jerry; McLeroy, Betty & Bob; Miller, Norman; Mize, Red; Parish, Ronny; Porter, Lucile Childers; Rayburn, Henry; Rayburn, Sydney Ann; Rayburne, Glenn & Lorraine; Shelton, John; Shrader, Elvia; Shrader, Mary Helen Martin; Stallcup, Stephen; Swindell, Jimmy; Whitehead, Inez; Whitehead-Vaughn, Ollene

Last Updated on Sunday, 02 October 2011 21:46